Past Releases

Fuzzy Vox – No Landing Plan

nolandingplanNo Landing Plan ought to have a disclaimer that warns listeners of the involuntary volatile spasms that follow from listening to the infectious nature of this upbeat poppy garage rock ‘n’ roll.

Hozac 2015 Fall Pack

Fall15-5Pk300There is a little something for everyone here, and now there is even an archival series, which potentially puts in your hands previously unreleased records and demos. Just the stuff that you had no idea existed and, if you did know, there is no way you could get your hands on it.

OBN III’s –  Worth a lot of Money (I2XU)

CS583427-01A-BIGHere comes another Denton attack and it’s the 4th round. Orville Bateman Neeley III’s are back and this is certainly their most powerful yet

Radiohearts-Lot to Learn EP (FDH)

a3074983384_16I always get super stoked when new power pop records are sent my way, and Radiohearts are next in line to carry the torch. First off, these guys are from Long Beach, California, which I had no idea had any power pop bands.

Cellulite – Dust Wave (Slovenly Recordings)

a3174700586_10To suggest that something like Dust Wave borders on the experimental would be accurate, but perhaps a little pervasive. So after giving this album a few listens, I have found Dust Wave to hold 10 tracks that represent sounds of the terrifyingly abstract and oddly provocative that defines the result of the mechanical alienation that is 21st century life.

Gino and the Goons – Check This Out EP (Slovenly Records)

a4030830157_16Gino and the Goons Check This Out EP has all the fury of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers mixed with the aggressive emotions of primal R & B.

The Jackhammers (S/T) (S’not)

v600_jackhammerThese dudes from Glasgow came across my desk recently. Aside from them, I haven’t heard much from Scotland as far as a punk scene is considered. The Jackhammers are definitely a warm welcome, as their sound seems to channel different aspects of the genre.

Coachwhips – Hey Fanny/H.C. She

a0058609188_16Whenever I hear a Coachwhips’ song, I usually think of three things: 1. Did the volume suddenly get turned up? 2. Am I drunk? 3. Did someone just punch me in the ear? The sound is raucous, dirty, sloppy as fuck, raw and sleazy: basically, all of my favourite adjectives when talking about a garage punk band.

Born Loose – Blowout! (Hound Gawd! Records)

Born Loose
Born Loose

First, to be clear on this one, I was wondering where Born Loose went after we (Satans Youth Minsters) played a show with these dudes close to 5 years ago in Brooklyn. Damn, Born Loose was sick.

Madd Blake Y Los Stalins – Primitive

a2783270205_16Oh boy, here comes some dirty stuff. After two singles from Madd Blake Y Los Stalins’ upcoming album Primitive, and I can confirm primitive is right. The Cramps-esque in nature, this sound grew on me right away. It’s rockabilly that is actually good.

Nelson y Los Filisteos – Tibio

nylf-layout-blancoThere is always a certain comfort to know the familiarity of a sound as it drifts across the airwaves. Nelson Y Los Filisteos has the psych garage punk wall of noise down to the T—so well, I swear I’ve heard it before.

Giuda – Speaks Evil (Burning Heart Records)

giuda-speaks-evil-front-pressIt is safe to say I have yet to be disappointed with any of Giuda’s releases. I’ve followed their progress since witnessing them perform in 2011 at 12 Bar in London— after hearing “Get It Over,” I was hooked.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Paper Mâché Dream Balloon (Heavenly Recordings)

59bbffcc01f0ab11ca0ba5a93e5d3024-640x640You never know what you are going to get from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and their latest album, Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, is no exception.  While they seemed to be headed to a slightly more mellow place with their Quarters! release earlier this year after 2014’s much heavier chaotic psych of I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, the latest album is ultimately another experiment and change in direction from the Australian psychedelic garage band.

 Human Race (S/T) (Teenadelic Records)

11990558_418615678339221_1180553417646963856_nI love the Italian music scene. In the last 6-8 years, it has seen quite a strong resurgence in the punk, garage, glam and psychedelic genres. I got my first taste of this revival several years ago with an opportunity to book a Mummies-esque band, The Ultra Twist. It was at that moment when I became quite intrigued with Italy’s music scene.

The Naturals – Hive

11700706_851753314905591_2409207643171172698_oOkay, I should just get this over with first– I’m not majorly into this kind of music. I struggle to stay interested, as I like energy along with a clear point and drive to a song. I like when there is noticeable passion and meaning. The Naturals’ Hive isn’t quite there for me.

Miscalculations – Kill the Whole Cast

Kill the Whole Cast is the worthy successor to Miscalculations’ sophomore album, A View For Glass Eyes. Much like the sophomore release, this album exhibits an addictively catchy sound.

Night Birds – Mutiny at Muscle Beach

Night birds - Mutiny at Muscle Beach album
Night birds – Mutiny at Muscle Beach album

I’ve been to Muscle Beach. It stinks of weed and there are little shops lining the beach, selling weed-memorabilia and stuff with Tupac’s face on it. But, at least, there is a skate park nearby. I can see why native Californians would rebel against it, but, to be fair, I was sucked in and bought a Disney-themed “Cali” vest and tourist jumper when I was there. If anyone can articulate frustration against consumerism and the idealism of the American Dream, then it’s probably Night Birds. They are in a band, yes, but they are also part of the daily grind. They, themselves, say that they do the band stuff for fun- not because it makes them any money. And that is where we find Night Bird’s new release, Mutiny at Muscle Beach.

 Baby Shakes- Starry Eyes ( Lil’ Chewy)

Baby Shakes - Starry Eyes
Baby Shakes – Starry Eyes

Baby Shakes are back !! Its been a long time coming. I was super bummed when the announced their initial breakup. And now, they have made their return in a fantastic way with this new LP. It’s like ATL the way i remember. Let’s take a step back in time. I need to elaborate this. The Atlanta music scene from the early 2000’s was everything you could possibly imagine. The Black Lips, Coathangers, and Deerhunter were the top dawgs in those days.

We’re Loud : 90’s Cassette Punk Unknowns VA (Black Gladiator/Slovenly)

a2879400505_10Where do I start here ?

Rumors were all over the place for many years that some recordings like these existed, and now finally they have surfaced. Totally worth the wait ! It’s kind of a long story, and it all has to do with one man and his quest to start as many bands as possible over several year period all across the western US from 93 to 99.

 Stupid Punk Boy: Compilation of the Year

Stupid Punk Boy out on Girlsville on October 17th

Those of us at Heatwave have been among the lucky few to be given access to the latest compilation on the Girlsville label. A fun, loud, punk collection of songs entitled Stupid Punk Boy.

Role Models – Go-to Guy 

Photo edited from Role Models Archive
Photo edited from Role Models Archive

As described on their own Bandcamp page, Role Models is “good old rock”. The Go-to Guy is their debut album, after sprinkling small releases in 2014, EP Lost in the City and single “This Eventually Leads Nowhere”. The group involves Rich Jones of past punk rock bands The Yo-Yo’s and the Loyalties.

 Mujeres – Marathon

The forerunners of the Barcelona’s rock scene, Mujeres’, newest release directly follows their buzzy surf style. Pop punk influences abound and the ample vocal distortion creates a bending, lo-fi garage flair that’s effortless to bop your head and thrash your feet to.

Terry & Louie – Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On)

10623844_345627112279605_607289388_nThe “I’m Lookin’ For a Heart” 7-inch has sold out, but the “Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On) has just recently hit the streets, and trust me when I say, you need it. Don’t sleep on this catchy summer hit.

Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes

1415364_1387113668194033_6801430615548425778_oSharp like a razorblade’s edge, the electro-punk quartet, the Miscalculations, are an electrifying field of distorted passionate fury of agitated post-punk brilliance.

The Mad Doctors – Snake Oil Superscience

There’s quality song writing and presentation involved.cover-H6UBSFTJaRd5dclTnhACs9QfYwytt3ZF

Highly recommended for any fans of the genre.

Kuken – Bachelor

I’ll take this with a side of cheap shitty beer any day.0003382172_10

The Dirty Fences – Full Tramp

An instant classic that is not to be missed anywhere on tour or on your turntable! Dirty_Fences

The Blind Shakes – Fly Right [Slovenly]

It’s dark,0003483604_10 but surfy tones set you up for a wild, psychedelic ride. It reminds me of the Fresh and Only’s with a little more balls.
A+. Dont miss out on this one for sure.

Useless Eaters -Singles: 2011-2014 [Slovenly]

a3635026159_10Seth’s punk/post punk rampage has been a staple here in the States for many years now. This compilation is further proof of his amazing song writing and his ability to keep things outside of the box.

The Stops -Nameless Faces LP

Cissie (bass), Fukuko (drums), Lizzie (vox), Rita (guitar), Ruby (guitar) (c) Mateus Mondini
Cissie (bass), Fukuko (drums), Lizzie (vox), Rita (guitar), Ruby (guitar) (c) Mateus Mondini

Last year the Stops put out a four-song demo tape recorded by guitarist and lead songwriter, Ruby, in the basement they practice in. It revealed an impressive grasp of melodic and dark lyrical content. Now they’ve spent some hours with Adam Becker, a recording engineer at Red Lantern Studios in Portland, and have recorded an LP (and more) in a much more polished way.

G.L.O.S.S – Demo

Badgirlcore is a thing and G.L.O.S.S. are defining it.

G.L.O.S.S.: Corey (drums), Jake (guitar), Julaya (bass), Sadie (vox), Tanner (guitar)
G.L.O.S.S.: Corey (drums), Jake (guitar), Julaya (bass), Sadie (vox), Tanner (guitar)

Barcelona – Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona (12’’ )

Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona (1)

Spain has always been known as a country that’s on top of the punk game, giving us some of the rawest, most energetic and most original bands in the scene. This record is no exception to the rule.

Baby Strange VVV

Dark, twisted and bleak, with haunting and foreboding guitar chords and sexe90729d-up matter-of-fact lyrics, Scotland’s latest post-punk offering is anything but the usual sound. You’re forgiven if you think that on paper Baby Strange is nothing but an unruly, unfair stereotype of a band from the rough streets of Glasgow.

Legendary Wings (Do You See ?)

a4225619966_2The Legendary Wings from Kalamazoo, Michigan, yet another of the Midwest’s hidden gems. I’ve been waiting for this band’s next release for three years now and they’ve delivered so hard on this one.

Platinum Boys (Candy/Wild Child) 7″

Hailing from Milwaukee, the Platinum Boys are a very talented, creative and powerful groupdownload. In my opinion, Milwaukee is one of the best cities in the U.S. 

Sheer Mag Self-Titled 7”

Mule Team – Self-Titled

a3019855332_10Originally from Yokosuka and now living in Tokyo, these dudes are Japan’s biggest secret, and I hope with this little push these dudes can get the exposure they deserve. Labelled as “soulful garage rock,” this was the first band in a long time that really stuck with me, after seeing them live as an opening act for Nobunny on their Japan tour.

The Red Cords – Vile Guy

The REd Cords Vile Guy-w800-h600-508x508Hailing from Falmouth, The Red Cords label themselves garage punk –I agree with this. I also agree with the press release accompanying the recently released EP, Vile Guy, when it states that the whole thing could be an A-side. There are a couple of really good songs on here, but on second listen, it is just a reminder that maybe it is time people dropped the Ty Segall reference and tried something new.

MFC Chicken – It’s MFC Chicken Time! (Dirty Water Records)


It might be a master complot of these maniacs to make every living soul dance, but I gladly surrender. With that being said, their third album It’s… MFC Chicken Time! is yet again an extremely solid dance album.

The Arrogants – No Time To Wait (Dirty Water Records)

Standard 3mm Spine Album

This sound is garage in its most raw form. And, although, The Arrogants like to explore Mod 1960’s sounds, Psychedelic, Blues, and R&B, you still feel that, in this album, there’s no place for flourishes of any kind– neither deep psychedelic hues nor intransigent solos shouting out of the boxes.

Raw Fun – Won’t be told (Dirty Water Records)

download (1)Raw Fun, for me, embodies sixties rock ’n’ roll on speed. This depiction was my initial thought when I first heard them and I’m sticking to it. Now let me tell you, this sound makes me happy, very happy. Raw Fun is raw fun indeed.

Archie and the Bunkers – S/T 

Standard 3mm Spine AlbumArchie and the Bunkers, inspired by the funny Archie Bunker from All In The Family, is a couple of teenage brothers from Cleveland– Emmet on the drums and Cullen on the organ and lead vocals. No guitar, no bass, just a four-piece drum, an organ and two incredible mature souls with the energy of, well, teenagers.

King Brothers “HELL OH! UK- FIRST UK TOUR 2015-“

© King Brothers Poster Tour
© King Brothers Poster Tour

Clear your whole damn schedule and buy some new earplugs because legendary Japanese hardcore blues punks, King Brothers, are coming to the UK for the very first time. King Brothers have been around since 1997, when band members met in high school in Nishinomiya City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

White Mystery – Dubble Dragon

White Mystery

Like all of their other albums, the fifth release from White Mystery goes sorta wild. While in past the band’s loud rhythms had more of a lo-fi feel (in the vein of, say, Bass Drum of Death) here they deliver more of a pounding, crystal-clear classic rock sound that beats around in a 1960s gilded cage.

Habibi Self-Titled


Straight off of Burger Records, this group is a must have for your collection. Think 1960’s girl groups, like the Ronettes, throw in some garage rock with a defining sex-beat and you have Habibi.

Matthew Melton Outside of Paradise

matthew-melton-outside-of-paradiseFellow power-pop/garage guru and old friend, Matthew Melton, has been in the game for quite some time now. All of Melton’s projects, Snakeflower 2, Bare Wires, and Warm Soda, have their place in the garage scene here in the States.

The Ar-Kaics Self-Titled


There are a lot of garage groups out there, but you have to sift through the shite to find the gems—these guys are a group of mighty sparkling rocks. They are well worth the listen, as soon as the needle drops onto “You’ll Be Mine” you know you’re in for something good.

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