Cellulite – Dust Wave (Slovenly Recordings)




Album: Dust Wave

Label: Slovenly Recordings

Release: 04/12/2015

To suggest that something like Dust Wave borders on the experimental would be accurate, but perhaps a little pervasive. So after giving this album a few listens, I have found Dust Wave to hold 10 tracks that represent sounds of the terrifyingly abstract and oddly provocative that defines the result of the mechanical alienation that is 21st century life. This idea comes from the attempt to absorb Cellulite’s nonsensical sound and then finding that theirs is an album that is perfectly haunting in a strange and yet beautiful kind of way that seeks to shock the listener numb with an overwhelming assault on the senses.   One can hear this impressive production in Dust Wave’s profound display through its distortion and synthetic and disembodied vocals. I’ll confess that I am left with a feeling of a certain cold and absolute hopelessness after spinning this album, but, in my dread, I can’t help but think that with this effect Dust Wave might be a perfect stocking stuffer to even out a cheery household. Be warned though, to enjoy this album to the full effect, one must play it at a high-volume level that totally envelops the room so the capability of free thought and consciousness are all but scattered and destroyed.

By Nick Kuzmack