Mean Jeans -Tight New Dimension (Fat Wreck)

Artist: Mean Jeans
Album: Tight New Dimension
Label: Fat Wreck 
Released: April 22, 2016

meanjeansdimensionMean Jeans are back and in a big way. They have joined forces with long-time punk/hardcore label, Fat Wreck, for their third LP, and I have to say this is the most important record this label has released in recent years. Hearing the Nite Vision 7-inch leading up to this release was definitely an eye-opener, as it may be their cleanest sounding record, but I really enjoy what’s going on here.
As far as this one goes, its more of what you would expect from the Portland trio, just more gang and harmonizing vocals and guitars, super catchy choruses and some excellent riffage. They have a very specific formula and its still at play here. It wouldn’t be the same band if they wandered too much away from that. It does have a consistency here. Not to mention excellent song titles and subject matter like ‘Michael Jackson With Tight,’ ‘4 Coors Meal,’ and my favourite, ‘I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care.’
I know I’ve felt that way many times in my own life, so it hits home, but feels good. Again this isn’t a transformation or an abandonment of the Rats, Roaches, and Jeans that we’ve grown to know and love, but more of a growth and maturity that occurs with musicians over time. Twelve tracks, 25 minutes, and a case of the cheapest beer you can find at the shittiest gas station in town.
Highly recommended for your 2016 library. Order this now from Fat Wreck and throw on that denim for the night. And I’ve always wondered that same thing too. Are there beers in heaven? I hope so.

-Justin Crumpton