The Audacity – Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)

12496085_1275411342485643_7474764632975483070_oBand: The Audacity
Album: Hyper Vessels
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Release: 01/04/2016

There is nothing quite like the awesome power of high voltage rock n’ roll to shock one into absolute attention. Audacity does that and more with their new album Hyper Vessels. In short, I would define this as having the raw electric power that bands like Radioactivity have perfected, but is sped up and maintains wild and heavy beats that are combined with a sound that is volatile and poppy.


Photo credit: Stephanie Pratt

Hyper Vessels blends a certain quality that invokes a sort of 90s alternative rock n’ roll nostalgia, but with a snotty yet defiant disposition that is no doubt steeped in the fury of punk rock. I’ll admit that while Hyper Vessels boasts a kick that is no doubt refreshing it is sound that is kind of familiar, but seemingly stands on it’s own. It’s pop mixed with a no-shits-given personality that one wishes the genre of pop-punk could actually have. In other words, Hyper Vessels definitely has a feeling of desperation sourced from adolescent angst, but there is something here that borders on an ability to go further.

Top numbers for consideration are “Counting The Days,” “Dirty Boy,” and “Not Like You.” The aforementioned tracks have that punky attitude discussed above, but I should point out the number “Umbrellas” is unique in it’s clever ability to charm. Overall, Audacity’s Hyper Vessels is a no brainer and you will benefit from checking this one out.

-Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)

Listen to the whole album here: