Mind Spiders – Prosthesis

Artist: Mind Spiders
Album: Prosthesis
Label: Dirtnap Records
Released: January 13, 2016

a0426819779_10Mind Spiders are back, and wow, this one is a little different. Not to say this hasn’t been a project that has strived to pull away from the sound of the Marked Men, but this is definitely Mark Ryan’s most prolific effort yet. This could have been a completely different band in my eyes. It’s smeared with Screamers, Devo, and Units influence, but still holds a pop hook sincerity that keeps pulling you back in for more. When I saw that NPR was promoting this one, it made me think, “they usually don’t usually latch on to records like this.” But I’m glad their eyes are open.
I put this one on for the first time and I really couldn’t believe it – another big shock for 2016. This is one of those records you can just put on and absorb yourself in. The minimal drums, harmonic use of keys and guitars are all at use here. It’s like a world of its own is inside this record. Those iconic riffs you’ve heard in Marked Men albums are here in moments, but then those dark keys come in to take you to a different place.
I really like where this band is going. I saw them for the first time at the Atlanta Mess Around in 2011 while they were on tour for the first LP. So this project has had five years to grow and develop. The post punk combined with power-pop and punk riffs is a deadly combination that is difficult to emulate and unlikely to be imitated. This is another one that’s going to the top of the list for me. It has that originality that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. This is eight tracks of pure dark bliss. And it’s out there now via Dirtnap. Go ahead if you dare.

-Justin Crumpton