Radiohearts-Lot to Learn EP (FDH)



Artist: Radiohearts

Album: Lot to Learn EP

Label: FDH/Digitial Ding Dong Records/No Front Teeth

Released: 30 October 2015

I always get super stoked when new power pop records are sent my way, and Radiohearts are next in line to carry the torch. First off, these guys are from Long Beach, California, which I had no idea had any power pop bands. Suppose I have research to do following this review. Anyway, back to the good stuff. Radiohearts have been around for nearly 3 years, which is a plus. With each release they have matured sonically, and with the EP Lot to Learn, it’s in the best way possible. It’s that small window of time from 1977-1979 that is the highest of influence, leaving no filler in these 4 tracks. The title track’s first 2 chords will hook you in immediately, like an Adverts/Buzzcocks’ hybrid thing. That kind of goes for the rest of the record, really. Just sort of sets the mood. I should also note that FDH is a label that should be highly respected. If you take a look at its library, you will take notice. They are currently taking submissions, by the way (no mp3’s only hard copies, please). Clocking in about 8 minutes, this record will take you to that part of your collection that bleeds nostalgia of the punk nature. It’s that kind of record that sounds like a lot of other ones, but, in this case, it’s definitely not a bad thing. Just take all the comps you’ve ever heard, like Powerpearls, Little Gems, Teenline, and I could go on. The influence is there. It’s ok because they are coming from a good place; fine tuned down to a specific science of 2 minutes per track. At the end of the day, it’s only rock and roll.

By Justin Crumpton