The Cavemen: Born to Hate

swamp_cover_centered_jpgThe Cavemen (NZ)
Born to Hate
November 25, 2016
Dirty Water Records

The Cavemen are as filthy as they are prolific. After a slew of 7-inches and an album, here they are with a brand new full-length record.

Gone are the Cramps and Gun Club influences, this is strictly latter day GG Allin puke-o-rama. The scorching opening track, ‘Savage,’ even reminded me of my scum punk favourites, the almost forgotten, Cocknoose. My favorite on the album is the hilarious and groovy ‘I Hate Art’. You gotta love a song that starts with the line, “Fuck Picasso, fuck Cezanne,” only to top it with, “Andy Warhol can kiss my ass.”

Whatever you think of Picasso or Dandy Andy, it’s just refreshing to hear somebody bash the shit out of pretentious dorks that like to flaunt their artistic pedigree. Art pop, art punk… Get a job before you paint me your skewed worldview. But I digress, don’t I.

Another stand out track is ‘Speed of Death.’ This one reminded me of Seattle’s speed freaks, Zeke. Fast, driving and featuring a sloppy, dancing-on-needles style guitar solo. It’s all about channeling your inner moron. If it were up to the Cavemen, we would all get in touch with our depraved libido and run with it.

As for the B-side – and don’t worry you’ll get there in a matter of minutes; my favourite is ‘Dead to me.” It features a certain melancholy vibe, not unlike Dead Moon. But if Fred Cole sang of personal freedom and doomed love, the Cavemen sing of alcohol abuse and yeah… Doomed love.

So after you devour this retarded piece of vinyl, do yourself a favor and go catch this bunch of patients live. They’ll be professing their demented gospel to sinners across Europe from October 30 through November 12. For more info check out Wap Shoo Wap Bookings.

-Marko Petrovic