Coachwhips – Hey Fanny/H.C. She

a0058609188_16Whenever I hear a Coachwhips’ song, I usually think of three things: 1. Did the volume suddenly get turned up? 2. Am I drunk? 3. Did someone just punch me in the ear? The sound is raucous, dirty, sloppy as fuck, raw and sleazy: basically, all of my favourite adjectives when talking about a garage punk band.

The Coachwhips formed in 2001 with Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer on guitar and vocals, John Harlow on drums and Mary Ann McNamara on keyboard. They released 5 albums and 3 singles before breaking up in 2005.

Finally, after 10 long years, Girlsville has released a re-mastered reissue cassette of the Coachwhips’ side of the Coachwhips/Trin Tran 7” split, along with two previously unreleased tracks. “Hey Fanny” and “HC She” were recorded during the Bangers Vs. Fuckers sessions and originally released on Show & Tell Recordings in 2003. “You Can’t Please Me” is a previously unreleased track from the Hands on the Controls sessions. The last song is a demo of “I Put it in, Way Down South,” originally on the Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine LP from Show And Tell Recordings in 2002.


At just under five minutes, this reissue is a must-have for any Coachwhips’ fan. The catchy, one-minute long mantra, “You Can’t Please Me,” is easily my favourite. I also prefer the demo version of “I Put It In Way Down South” to the album version. The guitar is more chunky and upfront and the track is riddled with Dwyer’s trademark piercing “ow, ow, ow ow’s.”

Only a hundred copies were pressed, so get yours soon.

Hey Fanny Re-mastered – 1:11

HC She Mastered – 1:13

You Can’t Please Me Mastered – 1:01

I Put It In Way Down South Demo – 1:45

By Laurie jane