Giuda – Speaks Evil (Burning Heart Records)


Review: Giuda – Speaks Evil

Record Label: Burning Heart Records

Release: November 2015

It is safe to say I have yet to be disappointed with any of Giuda’s releases. I’ve followed their progress since witnessing them perform in 2011 at 12 Bar in London— after hearing “Get It Over,” I was hooked.  I find Giuda’s sound blends the nostalgic sensibility of 1970’s Junk Shop Glam with a certain attitude that can only be found in the aggressive, no bullshit stance of the punk side of rock ‘n’ roll that defined an era. Their sound is unique and maintains certain appeal, and can easily translate into something timeless and easily infectious. As one who has caught the Giuda bug, I have been sure to prioritize acquiring their singles and albums as soon they have been released. Racy Roller is easily a favourite and Lets Do It Again has always found a comfortable place on a constant rotation on my turntables. Each album has their defining charms. The former was filled with raw glam stompers that do not fail to provoke, while the latter produces a more classic glam rock ‘n’ roll sound that suggested a move to some erring toward maturity—but all the same is able to invite non-stop gyrations on the dancefloor. So imagine my excitement to be one to bear witness to what their new album has to hold. After a few listens, I am not in the least disappointed. Speak Evil, I can safely say, has and probably will continue to find a comfortable place spinning on my turntable.

This new addition to an already solid catalogue is perfect for new and old Giuda fans alike as it continues to celebrate everything that they are, a simple and excellent rock ‘n’ roll band that comes from the sounds of the working class. Listeners will find the first track “Roll The Balls” sets the tone through a very Slade meets Rubettes-esque quality that establishes a worthy line of succession from the Giuda’s hit numbers “Wild Tiger Woman” and “Get It Over.” Furthermore, this album continues on the maturing trend that Let’s Do It Again left off on, but, in doing so, does not sacrifice the roots of what made their foundation catchy and additive. Rather, it is the worthy successor to the previous albums. It has a certain comfortable familiarity to it with the notable addition of a poppy element that can’t be shaken.  While, Speaks Evil expands on what has been done before, listeners can be sure to find a healthy balance between heavy hitters, like “Roll The Balls,” “Mama got the Blues,” “Working Class Man” and the deviously poppy “Bad Days are Back.”

This album begs adherence from those who continue to fantasize of the glory days that produced the likes of Mott and Hoople and Mud. But instead of being continuing to be hopelessly nostalgic, recognize that Speaks Evil is the furthering of a superb essence that defines the standard for the contemporary Junk Shop Glam style that many of today’s groups adhere to, but only wish they master half as well as Giuda. Speaks Evil comes out November 20th and you would be wise to pick this up. If not, you’ll be missing out on one of the best and highly anticipated releases of the year. So, be sure to dig this and clap your hands. Here comes Giuda!

By Nick Kuzmack

Giuda will be launching their new LP in the UK with a gig on the 5th of December at the Lexington. Tickets available from:

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