Biznaga – Sentido del Espectaculo (Slovenly Recordings)

BIZNAGA -Sentido del Espectáculo- LP - Cover 01.jpg

Band: Biznaga

Album: Sentido del Espectaculo

Label: Slovenly

Released: January 20, 2017

Stated for a January 2017 release, I’m throwing this one in for an early contender for bands to look out for next year. From Madrid, Biznaga are bringing to the table a very original sound of punk with intelligence that I haven’t heard since Miscalulations, or going back to that scene of bands in Sweden that were making the best records in hardcore punk 7 or 8 years ago and then turned a melodic route. Regulations, The Vicious, Masshysteri, etc. yeah, you know ’em. I hope.

Everything always tends to come full circle – except with the way things move so fast because of the internet. That circle keeps getting smaller and closer together. Those Austin bands have got some work to do if they wanna hang with these guys. It def has got that Stiff Little Fingers and Adverts influence. But you really know who they reminded me up in a few moments ? Earthmen and Strangers. Yeah that’s right – Ryan Rousseau from the Reatards’ side project bands post-Tokyo-Electron that he was doing for awhile inbetween Destruction Unit records. Anyhoo, this thing provides track after track that could stand out as singles on their own, which shows me the care they took into making this masterpiece. I haven’t heard  anything this good coming out of Spain since that flow of Barcelona bands a few years ago, with Aliment leading the charge. This one is a must do not skip and should be one of your first packages in the mail for 2017. If you don’t believe me, let the music speak for itself.

We got a lot of work to do in 2016 being such a lacklustre and hit and miss kinda year for music, especially in this genre. Just click add to cart because when these send out on Jan 20th, a lot of heads are gonna turn back to Spain again as they did a few years ago. They were playing Nightmare Boyzzz songs on the radio back then there, so it’s only proper that I do these guys the justice they deserve. Start paying attention.

By Justin Crumpton