Escobar – Bird of Prey

Artist: EscobarESCOBAR-BIRD-OF-PRAY-big
Album: Bird of Prey
Released: September 14, 2016

If one had to provide a simplified description of Escobar’s new album, Bird of Prey, it would be summed up as a barrage of electrified grunge trash rock ‘n roll, which serves only to excite. This is more than obvious after checking out the opening track, ‘You Must Get Stoned.’ It sets the tone for Bird of Prey by inviting the listener to a sound that is profusely upbeat, wild and frenetic.

This is a style that remains largely consistent throughout the album, as Escobar tends to lean toward the edgier elements of garage-like stoner rock ‘n roll, with obvious indications toward grungy and greasy sounds. It’s something that boasts a certain familiarity and even borders on addictive.

Other tracks, such as ‘Before You Die,’ requires listeners to bop and thrash about, while tracks like ‘Partner In Crime’ have the attentive participant moving side to side, as though they were in some sort of groove-inspired trance. A couple of odd numbers for further consideration are the title track ‘Bird Of Prey’ and the garage-punky ‘Control.’

If you pick up Bird of Prey, be warned that the resulting exposure from this type of chaotic garage-meets-grunge sound will leave a profound effect on the psyche, which can certainly be enhanced by substances largely considered illegal. So, by all means, enjoy!

Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)