Lisa Prank – Adult Teen

Artist: a2233707018_10Lisa Prank
Album: Adult Teen
Label: Father/Daughter Records
Released: June 24, 2016

Robin Edwards has been at this for a while, and 2016 has been her year to bust out and for good reason. A fellow ally in the northwest scene with Tacocat, Childbirth, and Chastity Belt, she has been planning this solo record out for a while. Adult Teen is 100 percent proof that good things come to those who wait.

A lot of hype has been behind this one, including Tacocat members, Bree Mckenna and Eric Randall, aiding with the bass and guitar duties here. If you aren’t familiar with her sound its Blink 182 inspired love songs, heartbreaks and struggles with dealing the real world. It’s reminiscent of Colleen Green via her earlier records or even Bethany of Best Coast before that, but this is a fresh new take on the concept.

The drum machines sound great here, as this was a well-produced well-polished effort, the pop hooks are ever so catchy. I didn’t catch everything with the first listen, so there is high replay value. Listen with headphones – trust me its more fun.

It’s a fantastic and just fun pop record. Tastefully done in every possible way. It’s available now via Father/Daughter Records.

-Justin Crumpton