OBN III’s – Rich Old White Men b/w On the Verge of Collapse

11856508_1023944764305952_8165142443528669471_oArtist: OBN III’s
Album: Rich Old White Men b/w On The Verge Of Collapse
Label: 12XU
Released: May 20, 2016

Upon dropping the needle it is clear OBN III’s flawlessly knock out some solid rock n roll that needs to be played ear-splittingly loud. I mean, the speed of the guitar riffs that open up on ‘Rich Old White Men” alone is incredible and threatens to overtake my ability to comprehend my surroundings. However, that is not necessarily what holds my attention. This single boasts some of the finest politically inspired rock n roll that I’ve come across recently.
Certainly the initial appeal here is that it is fast and hard, but make no mistake, the magic is in the lyricism behind each track. It is refreshingly relevant, especially when backed up by the wild rock n roll sound. Each word belted is powerful with its particularly poignant commentary on social decay. Though certainly not uplifting, this kind of commentary is needed and more often.
In a way it stuns listeners with a sound that calls for defiance and then grabs you, inspiring insurrection while you move your feet and thrash about. It’s easy to get an idea from what to expect from this single, as one only needs to glance at the track names ‘Rich Old White Men’ and ‘On The Verge Of Collapse.’ However, not listening to this over and over would rob you of some much needed quality time with some rock n roll invoked agitation.

—Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)