Liquids – Hot Liqs LP

Artist: maxresdefaultLiquids
Album: Hot Liqs
Label: Self-released
Release date pending

Indiana has been brewing some genius aggressive punk shit over the last few years, and Liquids seem to be leading the charge. There are so many bands now I can’t keep up. It seems like every few weeks some new demo surfaces. Whoever is running the operation definitely has the dumb punk sound to a very specific and controlled science. Cal and the Calories, the Coneheads, the Cowboys… I could go on.

Although this LP won’t see a proper release until the end of the year, at least we have the album in its entirety online to feed the need until the physical wax becomes available for consumption. It reminds me of the flawless punk scene that Memphis had when Jay was around. It was just perfect and punctual and wasn’t trying to please anyone. In it’s own world, so to speak. Seeking perfection. Think, Final Solutions.

From the opening track and politically correct ‘I killed D.T.’ its making a statement that’s tough to ignore once you are aware of its existence. I’ll just let you guess what D.T. stands for if you are reading this without having listened yet.

It even gets melodic in some places. Just listen to ‘Head Meat’ or ‘Sick Shit’ for said reference. The anthem here, and I think it kinda represents what this new wave of punk is all about, is titled ‘Dumb as Fuck.’ It’s a thing of true beauty. I can literally visualize myself in the crown fist up chanting along to the chorus. It’s kind of emotional, really.

The musical composition is far from dumb though, as its very carefully laid out and the starts and stops in the middle of songs bring a sense of clarity and well thought out song writing. Here we have another have another work of art in 2016. Maybe accidental, maybe not. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys and the other bands within this clique.

-Justin Crumpton