Radiohearts – Tell You EP (No Front Teeth/FDH)


Artist: Radiohearts

Album: Tell You EP

Label: No Front Teeth/FDH

Released: February 2016

The Long Beach sensation, Radiohearts, has come across my desk again and their new EP tops anything they’ve done thus far. They are taking a more traditional power pop direction. Fans of the genre will rejoice, while flipping this one on the turntable over and over and over. Reminiscent of All Mod Cons–era The Jam it has a sophisticated sense to it. Clocking in around 7 minutes, it’s impressive that they cover a lot of influential ground here. It’s only 4 songs, so I can’t go into an elaborate discussion cherry picking each individual element. Each song comes in at around 2 minutes or less and has a solid delivery.

The first time hearing this EP, it had me listening over and over and over. It chews like gum and sticks like glue. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this one, as all the bases are covered. I cannot wait to see what comes next for these guys. They are headed in the direction of a classic record if they keep this up. If you don’t believe me, check out their previous discography for yourself. It goes back 2 years. It’s been a slow evolution by fine-tuning with each release. See, it’s worthwhile not to rush good song writing. When they finally decide to go for the LP, it will be sweet. Just listen and you’ll agree.


By Justin Crumpton

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