Mule Team – Self-Titled

Artist: Mule Team a3019855332_10
Album: Self-Titled
Released: April 23, 2016

Originally from Yokosuka and now living in Tokyo, these dudes are Japan’s biggest secret, and I hope with this little push these dudes can get the exposure they deserve. Labelled as “soulful garage rock,” this was the first band in a long time that really stuck with me, after seeing them live as an opening act for Nobunny on their Japan tour. The cassette is sold out, so good luck finding a copy till it gets reissued, but their 7-inch is coming out soon.
It’s an experience seeing them live – All I could think after seeing them was that they are a Japanese comparison to Natural Child. I found myself not being able to get the songs out of my head, and hearing the EP after seeing them live made me appreciate it more. It’s all hooks, all hits. From the opening track ‘Break My Life,’ it will suck you in immediately –again, its hooks for miles.
The standout track here is ‘I’M Going To Mi…Mr. Illegal Civ.’ The guitar work is so expressive and everything fits perfectly into place. Not doing too much, not doing too little, it’s in the goldilocks zone of rock and roll. It’s something that anyone can get into really. It just has guts.
Most of the disposable stuff coming around just doesn’t hold up for long or will not age well. Once these guys break through it will be the breath of fresh air a lot of people have been waiting for.

-Justin Crumpton