Cruiser Self-Titled EP

Cruiser EP
Surfin’ Ki

I’ve always felt that a good record sleeve should tell you all you need to know about a band, and well, for this 7-inch that is certainly the case!

Side-A kicks off with ‘I need a drink,’ a pretty straight to the point classic rock n’ roll song with very relatable lyrics and a simple 1-4-5 riff. It’s an instant classic.

Next up is ‘Tooth Decay,’ starting with the feedback you could only get from a fully cranked up amp; you know what’s in store in a few seconds.

The guitars on this track sound great and play against each other really well, and then you’ve got the sugary vocal harmonies playing off of them. It’s a song that manages to sound full, but not overdone.  

I had to play side-A several more times before flipping it over, because it’s pretty damn infectious!

Side-B starts with ‘Tramp,’ another all out assault, fast, heavy and full throttle punk rock n’ roll track with plenty of nods to doo wop, with all of the “woo’s” thrown in to just about soften the edges.

The track ‘Golden Arrow’ echoes the early days of punk with it’s opening riff, lines delivered full of bile and those out of control guitar solos.

Before you know it the song is over before you could ever process it. Just like with side-A, I found myself picking the needle up and playing side-B again several more times.

This is what I want from a punk rock n’ roll record. It’s catchy, it’s fast and it leaves you wanting more.

It’s a damn shame the band aren’t together anymore, but I’d still recommend buying this 7-inch and checking out the singer Gabbie’s current band BBQT.

-Adrian Alfonso