The Wead – By The Whey


Artist: The Wead

Album: “By The Whey 7”

Label: Slovenly Recordings

Released: 02 September 2016

Artifacts from the 1960’s are among the holiest of recordings to bare witness to. Compilations like Garage Punk Unknowns, Nuggets, Pebbles and Back from the Grave are the highly spoken of collections that provide a mandatory experience for listeners to wander into depths of a decade of innocence and authentic teenage rebellion.  The sheer notion that another release of a sound that defined the teenage punk era could surface so soon after Back from the Grave volumes of 9 and 10 would seem rather naive and hopeful. However, straight out of left field, and for your ears only is The Wead. The recording—originally made in 1966— is being released via Slovenly and was even mastered by the king of garage himself, Tim Warren. This recording will soon be available and it’s release that will any true  rock n’ roller giddy with anticipation. These tracks are perfect for any teenage shutdown or wild dance party. The Wead’s title track “By The Whey” is a perfect longing-but-angst filled teenpunk stomper. Out of the two, it’s the real mover and groover. However, “And I and She” is the expected pop-garage, youthful love song that comes complete with harmonious candor. It’s anthems of romance can be heard far and wide, but I’d be amiss if I didn’t say that The Wead didn’t have a special knack for it. This single cannot be found on any compilation, and is fresh for virgin ears. So, don’t miss out.

 –Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)

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