Lucy and the Rats – This Situation

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-11-02-24-pmArtist: Lucy and the Rats
Single: This Situation
Release: 23 December 2016

Whilst working on their long-awaited debut album and touring all over the place, Lucy and the Rats still managed to bring out a second single of pure sweet-sounding goodies.

They don’t disappoint – these two songs embody their refreshing power-pop-punk concept yet again. Sweet, melodic harmonies with Lucy’s angelic voice, all in all supported by her mighty, devoted Rats.

‘This Situation’ is perhaps the punkiest song of both singles. It has a very common theme and everyone has lived it at least once in their lifetime. He loves her, she loves this other guy, this guy is in love with another, and so on and so forth a song of mismatch.

Its core revolves around pretending and hiding emotions in order to better interact with those who surround us, and most importantly, to protect ourselves. Pretending, you say? Guess I’m screwed then.

I love the drums’ tempo. It’s so Ramones-simple. The chorus is an instant hit. Lucy’s crystal clear voice pierces the lyrics straight into our minds, and then a beautiful guitar solo with a swift swing back to the chorus. Me like it!

‘Melody’ is a song of hope. Hope is so fragile nowadays. As I write these words, my hope is at an all time low. Will “something beautiful” come “one sunny day?” With all that is happening in this world of ours, is that even possible anymore?

Thank goodness for artists like Lucy and the Rats, who help us to cope by sending through the airwaves lovely sparkles of wishful thinking.

The guitar rhythm is gorgeous here, but I also like how ‘Melody’ ends. It’s like hope is fading away. Sorry, that was too “grey” and “I just wanna sleep all day.” Whoa, that’s a lot of rhymes back there.

Rewind. Let’s open up our eyes and trust that “it’s gonna be alright.” And then, only then, will we sing out loud, with lungs wide open and a bursting heart.

Thank you, Lucy and the Rats, you did it again. Now, out with that album, dudes and dudette. The craving is becoming unbearable!

-Penelope York