Coke Bust – The Early Years (Carry The Weight Records)


Artist: Coke Bust

Album: The Early Years

Label: Carry The Weight Records

Release: January 18, 2016

The great thing about discographies and re-releases is that it makes you think about that band you used to listen to and like again, and that’s exactly the case with the Coke Bust’s discography, The Early Years, put out by Carry Weight Records and released on a 12″ red or black vinyl.

Coke Bust is a relentless straight edge hardcore band that started in Washington, DC in 2006. It can be compared to bands like Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Trash Talk, Punch, Violent Reaction and The Flex. They share their member with Margrudergrind, Sick Fix, Protester, Public Suicide, Misled Youth, Collusion, Rations, Secterian Violence, Sem Hastro and Smärtsam Utlösning. They are short, fast and loud. The 12″ features a whooping 38 tracks (I did say they were short)! Having only a handful of tracks longer than 1 minute, this record will ensure that even those with the shortest of concentration spans will stay entertained.


The band’s lyrics are serious, talking about issues such as American nationalism (and being against it), the rat race in which we live, our freedoms, lies that we are fed from the politicians, sexual violence and domestic abuse, identity erosion by our bullshit subcultures, addictions and manipulations that society tries to impose on us, pollution, lack of objectivity, the rise of hearsay and gossip, yuppies, the chains of a bar culture, and questions of authority among many others. I strongly recommend reading all of their lyrics as each song has a strong objective point that they want you to think about. Each song is no longer than a little paragraph and easy to read, so go ahead!

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By Alisa Masokha-Jones