The Jackhammers (S/T) (S’not)


These dudes from Glasgow came across my desk recently. Aside from them, I haven’t heard much from Scotland as far as a punk scene is considered. The Jackhammers are definitely a warm welcome, as their sound seems to channel different aspects of the genre. They sent me their entire discography, so I’m only going to focus on the most current release.

From the early LA sound of The Weirdos, and the lesser known bands from that clique, met with the Midwest sound of the Dead Boys to the next wave of party punk, like Damaged and Slip It In-era Black Flag and Gang Green, The Jackhammer’s have that in-between kind of sound that’s not exactly punk.

Punk in a garage? Now we’re on to something. It’s more like that good local rock and roll band that you find in a small town that plays once a month at the dive down the street. Even my own scene in the southeastern United States has got them: The Clutters from Nashville, Tuff Luvs from Jackson and almost every band from Chattanooga.

Not a bad thing by any means. I feel like The Jackhammers aren’t getting the proper credit they deserve, especially since one of the releases they sent was a potential split with Atomic Suplex that never panned out. Been there, done that. And, it’s a bummer. But nonetheless, this power trio is coming from a good place and I hope that they continue to make consistent records like this one. It’s the kind of sound that’s missing right now from a lot of labels– a no bullshit fun rock and roll record. Not trying to be artsy, trendy or over done. Another LP please? It’s time.

By Justin Crumpton

Listen to them here: