Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw – Honey Time B/W True 7-inch


Artist: Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw

Album: Honey Time B/W True 7-inch

Label: Slovenly Recordings

Release: 09.02.2016


When the Honey Time 7-inch is played, I suggest breaking out some malt ice-creams, and dawning flashy poodle skirts and sporting slicked-backed pompadours. It should be no secret that anything that Shannon Shaw (Shannon and The Clams) touches hosts the impeccable delights of all that is weirdo rock n’ roll. Her impeccable passionate vocals combined with Bloodshot Bills (of Hellshovel) legendary appetite for all things rockabilly betrays the sensations of a sound that is simply infectious. This Shaw and Bill collaboration honors past works that are romantically raw and drawn from the desperate foundations of the garage. ‘Honey Time’ is easily the track the shines a light on Shaw and Bill’s ability to work together.

However it’s with the track ‘True’ that really demonstrates Shaw’s dominate talent for longing and heart-piercing vocals, while Bill knocks out solid twangy-rock n’ roll riffs.  It’s definitely a sound that invokes a certain familiarity that one can come across while listening to any of the Shannon and the Clams’ albums. It’s tender but rowdy and obviously fun. This is the kind of music that is meant for the ridiculous and the nostalgic, and it’s a noise for lovers. While, this is not necessarily the most individual of sounds to drift through the speakers, it is definitely what one should expect from this duo and provides an overall enjoyable experience.

Listen to Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw – Honey Time B/W True 7-inch   here

Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)