Dead Coast – The Silt


Band: Dead Coast

Single: The Silt

Released: March 3, 2017

Label: Greenway Records

If it sounds a bit weird or a bit out of this world, chances are I’ll dig it. I’ve been a massive fan of Dead Coast for a while now and with every release – they just blow my mind.

They’ve a new single out, The Silt, which sounds like a catastrophic brawl in a bar. Glasses flying, punches being thrown, whiskey being spilt. It’s got a great debauched sound to it and it’s perfect to unleash the beast within too.


Dead Coast have recently come back to sunny London (probably will be raining by the time you read this!) after a tour of America. They’re bigger than Elvis now, didn’t you know?! Alright so that could be a lie, but who cares? The Silt is laced with hypnotic grooves and fully justifies my declaration that they are bigger than Elvis. My mum’s an Elvis fan, so I should watch what I say.

Now we’re approaching warmer weather, we need some music to go with our new found summer mood. Dead Coast have a wealth of songs that we can easily place in this list. Their songs will make you want to lounge on a beach with your beverage of choice and totally immerse yourself in their glorious sounds. The Silt is 3 minutes and 24 seconds of sheer slickness that also makes you feel like you’re in an old Spaghetti Western film. Stumble into a saloon bar, start a fist fight then ride off into the sunset.

The pounding of the drums feel like punches being thrown, the bass and the guitars sound like your enemy giving chase and you won’t give up without a fight.


Dead Coast just find new ways to leave you in awe, and The Silt easily shows how much their sound has progressed over the past few years. They’ve got this appeal about them that just makes them tower over the rest. What I love about them is that they bring together all the kinds of sounds I love and create something that, like I mentioned, leaves you in awe. I just absolutely love these guys and I can’t wait to hear more from them this year.


By Olivia Cellamare

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