Make Out Molly


Hailing from the skirts of Haarlem, Make Out Molly are a new two-piece fuzz band based in Amsterdam city. 

Dead Ghosts – Interview


Our favourite Canadians from Vancouver, Dead Ghosts, are coming to Europe this week and we can’t wait! They will be performing a string of shows that includes Amsterdam, France and London, and that’s pretty much it. We caught up with the band prior to their tour and talked real shit.

Guitar Wolf – Interview

160907_guitarwolf_500Although 2016 has taken its toll on the pop-culture world, it has been a promising year for Japan’s legendary Jet Rock n’ Roller trio, Guitar Wolf. In May, they released their 12th studio album, T-Rex from a Tiny Space Yojouhan, through Ki/oon Records.



The Magnetix are a duo from Bordeaux made up of Looch Vibrato on guitar and vocals and Aggy Sonora on drums and vocals. I have seen Magnetix many times and am always blown away by the raw power and pleasurable assault on the ears. It is also just as gratifying to see people you know enjoying Magnetix for the first time.

Boys (Sweden) -Interview 

13133317_1582131105450081_7549969473175195263_nWe reviewed Stockholm’s finest dream pop band BOYS last year when they released their first couple of tunes on PNKSLM records. Since then we stayed in contact with Nora Karlsson who runs the band and is accompanied on live sets by Amanda Ferm, Anna Rauhala, Hannes Ferm and Lina Högström. We managed to source an interview to promote their latest EP ‘Love On Tour’, recently released by the same label, the patron for many Stockholm groups nowadays. She politely accepted my invitation and here is what Nora had to say….

Mean Jeans

MEAN_JEANSPortland based party-animals, the Mean Jeans, have recently signed onto Fat Wreck Chords and are hitting Europe riding the wave of their first major label release. Their newest album, Tight New Dimension has taken on a more mature tone, but don’t worry, they’re still the same old ‘pop punk morons.’

Abandon Cause – Interview

abandon cause v6

Since forming late last year, fake Essex (the members are not all technically living in Essex) hardcore band, Abandon Cause, have recorded their first record and have already played three gigs with more lined up. While members James on vocals, Marc on drums, McGhee on bass, and Maxi on guitar, are definitely influenced by early 80s hardcore, they mostly just want to make sure they keep their sound intense. We recently had a chance to chat with James and Marc to learn more about the band and their music.

Première: Prissteens Interview


Travis Ramin interviews Lori Lindsay (vocalist of The Prissteens and Purple Wizard). Travis has produced records for Nikki Corvette and Riff Randells, among others.



2016 has been a good year for Audacity, and it’s only May. Since the release of their fourth studio album, Hyper Vessels, last month they have been on tour non-stop. The band has 25 shows in the US, and a further 26 in Europe on the way. The Fullerton quartet might have been lost in all the California surf-psychedelia filling its musical community, but Hyper Vessels differs from some of the bands insistent on keeping the same “vibe.”

Hello Operator, Here’s a Telegram


Following the highly anticipated release of Telegram’s debut album,Operator, the lads took off for a successful tour of the States. There they hit upthe Austin, Texas music festival,South By Southwest (SXSW), then proceeded to take on the Big Apple. To get the inside scoop onTelegram’s US invasion, Heatwave sat down with the guys for a chat.

Virgin Kids: Garage Lo-fi Pop With a Dash of Punk

virgin kids

It’s ‘garage lo-fi pop with a dash of punk,’ says Asher Preston, lead vocalist and guitarist, Paul Rosser, bassist and backing vocals, and Sean Hughes, drums. The guys have just taken the big leap from the rehearsal into the recording studio. Meet Virgin Kids and be prepared to space out.

The Coathangers

the Coathangers

Growing from their early days of no-wave and primitive garage rock through classic rock, and even some country ballads, you can never miss their omnipresent ferocious and irreverent punk rock attitude. Look out for this wonder group, for they know what they’re doing and they are insanely serious about having fun. 

 Baby Strange 

baby strange

When you read reviews and features about the band Baby Strange, the intros more often than not begin with something along the lines of, “Hailing from Glasgow” or “Glasgow band, Baby Strange…”, and it’s obvious why. Their main deal is being a Glasgow band – from Glasgow, in Glasgow, about Glasgow and its scene.

The Nervous: The Mile-High City Punks Head to Europe and UK This Fall

The Nervous © Archives

Denver, Colorado is a landlocked city located several hundred miles from anywhere else a touring band would want to play. The hip kids in Denver are not punks— Americana, alt-country and twee-folk rock rules. So, when a Denver punk band busts through the bullshit and makes it out of the country, we must pay attention. THE NERVOUS are a Vicious/Gorilla Angreb/Masshysteri-style hardcore band with female vocals. They will be spending two weeks in Europe in November, including some dates in the UK. London, be on the lookout. Get out of Denver, baby, go!

 Chatting with Dirty Fences

Illustration by Ika Lesniak

My initial exposure to Dirty Fences was by stumbling across their infectiously catchy song “Judy (Don’t Go)” on YouTube. Dressed in drag, the music video is styled like a 1960’s Shangri Las-like set. Think of the Shangri Las’ version of “Shout” meets the Ramones, but more amped up on the raw energy of 1970’s New York-styled punk rock. Intrigued, I soon found out that they were coming through Salt Lake City, Utah on 14 September 2015 with Nashville natives’ Faux Ferocious.

 Trying to Play it Cool with Black Mambas: Give It to Me Interview

Illustration by Ika Lesniak

Hailing from southern California, Black Mambas is bringing its own brand of groundbreaking rock-n-roll from Los Angeles to Europe. Since joining Reb Kennedy’s independent record label, Wild Records, Black Mambas released their self-titled debut album to acclaim stateside. Following a short U.S. tour in support of their new album, Black Mambas hit the worldwide circuit, playing in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, England and Ireland.

Chatting with Tess Parks about I Declare Nothing

Illustration by LID

I Declare Nothing Is the heavy transcendent album of the year. This album combines the brilliant composition of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe and Tess Parks’ definitive whiskey soaked vocals, something like a lethal combination of Patti Smith and Lydia Lunch. So, to get the ins and outs of these solid ten tracks, and more, Heatwave sat down and chatted with Tess Parks.

Music, Feminism and Dog Fostering with Allie Hanlon of Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop Tour Poster

Allie Hanlon is a workhorse musician. As the songwriter and creator of Peach Kelli Pop and the drummer for White Wires, Hanlon has tons of experience being in bands. Hanlon’s most recent output is the third Peach Kelli Pop LP, III (Burger/Bachelor).

Fumaça Preta

(c) Christophe Lopez-Huici

“Your sound is instantly something that comes across as unique. It’s got Funk, Psych, Acid House, African and Brazilian rhythms and some sick heavy guitar riffs that somewhat reminds me a bit of early Black Sabbath.”-Nix Beat on Fumaça Preta.

Terry Six

Terry Six illustration (c) Gonzalo Facio

Most punk rock enthusiasts know Terry Six from his time spent in the Exploding Hearts and the Nice Boys, but if that’s all you know Terry from, you’re definitely missing out. Terry definitely hasn’t been snoozing on music and if you haven’t listened to his newest project, Terry and Louie, its time to play catch up.

Paul Collins

Paul Collins (c) (c) Gonzalo Facio

Paul Collins (the Nerves, the Beat) has just released a solid new album Feel The Noise and is back on tour. The Paul Collins Beat is due to visit Ireland, The U.K. and mainland Europe with a string of dates starting in April and going through May. Before he embarks on this adventure, Heatwave got the chance to chat with Collins about Feel The Noise, the current state of rock n’ roll and the infamous and successful Garageland tour in the States.

Long Knife

longknife 2

Portland’s LONG KNIFE is ripping hardcore with obvious nods to the “Feel the Darkness” era Poison Idea. On New Years Eve, Jerry A from P.I. paraphrased an Oscar Wilde quote to me. “Talent borrows and genius steals,” he said. I asked Jerry what he thinks of Long Knife, per the quote. Are they talented or are they genius? He said he loves them.

Dead Meadow

deadmeadowheatwave2 (1)

As the American stoner rock band, Dead Meadow, sweeps across Europe, riding the waves of their tour, fans in London eagerly await their upcoming tour date. We managed to catch up and get back to basics with singer and guitarist, Jason Simon. Simon fronts the band along with members Steve Kille and Mark Laughlin. With more than six studio albums out already, we don’t know what’s cooking next, but we definitely expect to hear more great things from this three-piece.

The Vacant Lots

The Vacant Lots (c) Stephanie Third

The Vacant Lots are kicking off an eventful year. Their plans include sharing the stage with punk legends, Suicide, in New York at the Webster Hall on March 7, U.K./European tours, as well as the release of a new 7” on March 16 via Sonic Cathedral. To top it all off, the word is that their next album is coming soon. To prepare the fledgling webzine, Heatwave, got the chance to peruse the minds of band members, Jared Artaud and Brian MacFayden, on what’s coming your way from the Vacant Lots. Stay tuned and dig this.


Froth illustration (c) Maria Cecilie Midttun

Froth is still a relative unknown band in Europe, but their garage-rock sound has been charming the Los Angeles D.I.Y. scene for years now. They have shared stage with bands like the Growlers and the Cosmonauts, played festivals like Beach Goth and Burgerama and have won the back support of LOLIPOP and Burger Records, which released their first LP “Patterns” in 2013. We caught up with the band while on tour in Europe, just in time for their upcoming London gig at the Shacklewell Arms on March 6, 2015.