White Mystery – Dubble Dragon

Like all of their other albums, the fifth release from White Mystery goes sorta wild. While in past the band’s loud rhythms had more of a lo-fi feel (in the vein of, say, Bass Drum of Death) here they deliver more of a pounding, crystal-clear classic rock sound that beats arWhite Mysteryound in a 1960s gilded cage. They tap into a faded and sparkling antiquity with mythological lyrics that sound like modern epic poems from a lost realm of rock that only the White siblings have access to.

The title track goes from Miss Alex White omitting “fuck” in the chorus with a breathy rest like a punch in the gut, to a spoken-word poem-like ending, delivered in the honest voice of her drummer brother, Francis Scott Key White.

Besides containing subject matter about wizards and dragons (“Klaymor the Wizard” and “Komodo Silverback”, respectively), these songs utilise White Mystery’s strong spine of skill, built up by all of their great albums before this. The tunes are the kind of heavy, meandering songs that don’t seem to end. Filled with punchy rock moments built up by relentlessly building percussion from Francis Scott Key White, it feels like some sort of prolonged state of being overtaken. In this case, taken over by a gnarly storm.

There’s so much going on that it’s hard to touch on it all, but the key grabby elements are these—simple, punchy lyrics, Miss Alex’s pumped up sass and a hailstorm of killer percussion. At some points, like in the song “No!”, they feel like that rock band troupe in childhood cartoons. Crazy, all over the place, aimlessly rocking, but it’s fun and everything’s enjoyable. Definitely give this album a listen if you want something noisy and cool to fill up the walls of whatever space you’re in. I fully intend to do everything in my power to see them play when they come through Denver’s Riot Fest at the end of the summer. I think these tunes are best heard louder, louder, louder.

By Erin Moore

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