Gloria “In Excelsis Stereo” – Howlin Banana



Band: Gloria

Album: “In Excelsis Stereo”

Label: Howlin Banana

Released: 18th November 2016

Memories are made of this! Nostalgia is the keyword with Gloria’s debut album “In Excelsis Stereo” for it perfectly captures the sound of the 60’s. It’s recorded in Kerwax Studios, France’s best analogue studio, and you can tell, for the dreamy and fuzzy guitars sound like they could come straight from a Jefferson Airplane record.

A b-side though, for the songs aren’t quite as catchy as the greats that Gloria is trying to measure up with. But mixing up that Jefferson sound with the girl-pop’s sound of bands like the Ronettes is not an easy task, and there is definitely something to say for the way they did capture some of that spark.

I do feel that It sometimes misses some personality. It seems a lot like they’re trying to copy a sound of the past, without integrating the present. Also, being that the band is from Lyon in France, I would personally love to hear some French vocals in the future. Throw some France Gall vibez into the mix girls! Although the sound is with times quite badass, the choir like singing definitely misses some balls, but that’s just my opinion.
I would still just go and buy this record. Its a promising debut and If you’re into smoking weed and dropping acid, this psychedelic-girl-pop-garage record is definitely a great addition to your collection.

By Sam Andrea

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