Mujeres – Marathon (Sones)

Mujeres = Cosmonauts + 90s Television

The forerunners of the Barcelona’s rock scene, Mujeres’, newest release directly follows their buzzy surf style. Pop punk influences abound and the ample vocal distortion creates a bending, lo-fi garage flair that’s effortless to bop your head and thrash your feet to. It’s like old-school rock ‘n’ roll merged with modern indie art rock and conceived a cross decade anecdote of youthful infatuation, awkward fumbling and flirtatious smiles. The simplicity of the band’s clamorous lead guitar is complemented with quick and quirky bass lines. “Vivir Sin Ti” and “Galgo Diamente” slow it down a notch.

Be sure to partake in the rambunctiously reminiscent groove, Marathon, before Mujeres’ live show at The Kazimier in Liverpool on July 11. Neglecting this album will leave a piece of your fledgling self wanting.

-LeAundra Jeffs

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