Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes


Miscalculations= Wire+ The Cute Lepers+ The Gaggers+ Sharp Objects

There are many groups that sound too much alike and too many that lack that punk punchy angst-filled attitude that makes my blood boil into a creative rage. For me, Miscalculations are the much noted and needed exception. Sharp like a razorblade’s edge, the electro-punk quartet, the Miscalculations, are an electrifying field of distorted passionate fury of agitated post-punk brilliance. They are comprised of members of celebrated bands, the Gaggers, Ladykillers, the Scraps, Jonny Cola and the A Grades and Disco Lepers. It should be no surprise that their new LP A View For Glass Eyes is 12 tracks of fast, direct catchy melodies and solid hooks.

This LP has no filler and each number transition into the next with a superb smooth feeling of continuity. However, every album has its own shining stars. The well-deserved mention from A View For Glass Eyes is of course, “Severing the Spine of Confidence,” which also happens to be the track used for their latest music video. “Severing the Spine of Confidence” easily grabs my attention through a nice blend of provocative distress, distorted melodies and exciting desperation. Other numbers worthy of note include “Science in Reverse,” “Cutting Room Floor” and the of course the LP’s title track “A View For Glass Eyes.”

-Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)

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