The Madcaps – Slow Down

Band: The Madcaps
Album: Slow Down
Label: Howlin’ Banana Records

Release: March 31, 2017

The masters of poppy garage are back with their new album Slow Down. Since The Madcaps last album Hotsauce was a hit for this reviewer, it’s not necessarily a surprise to see that with Slow Down they indeed have something special.

Slow Down shows certain maturity in The Madcaps growth, but it still maintains some of their infectious innocence. With Slow Down, the listener will find that The Madcaps brilliantly mix bubblegum pop with a raucous garage rock that somehow translates into a smooth sound. This is done by The Madcaps’ boasting an all-encompassing noise with a certain suave creativity.

There are some top tracks to consider. Slow Down’s first track ‘No Friend of Mine’ kicks off this record with gripping mod like groove. The second track ‘Come’ shows off a more fuzzed toned rock n’ roll edge. This song is a real mover and shaker. It’s a catchy sound that is incredibly more pop driven and upbeat.

The Madcaps do not shy away from the absurdly cute or bubblegum. ‘She’s So Hot’ is totally silly, if not absolutely adorable. It’s very much the millennial high school them for the adolescent, pimple nosed, lust filled teenager.

On the other hand, there’s ‘Chill Pants,’ which is a ridiculous song, somehow portrays an awkward funk like rhythm to move to. Because of this, ‘Chill Pants’ is clever, fun and comical.

‘Fair Enough’ picks up a certain glam-esque vibe. It has all the makings for a sound that is produced within the confines the garage. This is another mover and groover.

Other tracks for immediate digestion should include ‘Devil Money’ and swing like ‘Silver and Gold.’ Overall, The Madcaps have again produced an album that is easy and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. It’ll make you twist and perhaps shout. So be sure look up The Madcaps and to dig Slow Down.

— Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)