Telegram – Operator

Photo courtesy of Telegram’s Facebook page.

As if through divine intervention the Telegram’s Operator has finally been released and I can be blessed with their impressive and unique sound whenever I want or need. It’s safe to say, I’ve been under their spell ever since my first encounter with their phenomenal single Follow. Follow illustrates a sound that captures the raw elements of indie, like garage rock, while professing something between a glam like psychedelic Frankenstein. In other words, think of the offspring of the Undertones and Pink Floyd, but with a bit more glitter.

If played loud enough the result is something bordering on a transduce experience that is dark and overcast but strangely uplifting. So imagine, if you will, my delight that this record presents and consistently maintains this spectacular sound that Telegram has crafted over the last several years. Operator boasts a collection of singles that were previously released, but more importantly gives old and new fans the chance to listen to other notable songs from their repertoire, like my personal favourite, “Regatta.”

This record has found a comfortable place on a constant spin on my turntables and the LP comes with a CD, so I can enjoy them digitally at any time. To be able to finally enjoy Telegram like this is like coming to a logical conclusion after a long and patient journey, but then being able to proceed onto something infinitely better.

Some other tracks I’d recommend for immediate consideration are “Godiva’s Here,” “Inside/Outside” and “Folly.” Picking up this record may be among the most intelligent choices that one can make in 2016, but be warned, not selecting Operator might portray evidence of poor judgement and an obvious lack of clear thinking. This is something that should be played loud, often and now.

-Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)