OBN III’s – Worth a lot of Money (I2XU)

Artist: OBN III’s

Album: Worth a lot of Money

Label: 12XU US

Released: September 2015

Here comes another Austin (TX) attack and it’s the 4th round. Orville Bateman Neeley III’s are back and this is certainly their most powerful yet– a nonstop, onslaught of riffs and sick leads. It’s like someone sat down with all their Radio Birdman and Thin Lizzy records and decided make for one hell of a ride. Starting from the front with “Trash Heap,” it’s that Texas sound that is evident throughout (Bad Sports, Marked Men, The Reds, and Big Boys). It’s an amazing legacy that still carries on today– tradition, if you will. The thing I like most about this record is some of the songs are in a Drop D tuning, which, if you do it right, can really give a song that extra grit it needs to relay the message of the songwriting. This record hits in all the right places: fast and furious, slow and heavy, and even a bit post punk with Dismissive. And with “The Stalker,” they even take on an early heavy metal sound. I love that this record ends this way. A bit of a cliffhanger, huh? A glimpse into the future, perhaps? This shows me they aren’t quite done yet, and frankly far from it. Very few records this year showed this much depth. It may not be an instant classic, but definitely one for the record books. You will come back to it on your record shelf over and over and think, oh yeah, I haven’t heard this in awhile. This one is sick as hell man. You can’t over think it, but you can’t under do it either– the perfect balance.


By Justin Crumpton