The Madcaps – Hotsauce (Howlin Banana Records)


Artist: The Madcaps                

Album: Hotsauce

Label: Howlin Banana Records

Released: January 2016

The Madcaps’ new album Hot Sauce is quite possibly the best thing to infect my ears so far this year. Hot Sauce perfectly represents a sound that is addictively savvy and is instantly likable. This album exceeds all expectations, as it never falls into anything suggesting a cliché. These 12 tracks profess The Madcaps ability to be charmingly playful, as they brilliantly exemplify their own distinct style of contemporary garage-like rock ‘n’ roll that takes certain nods from 1960’s pop. After switching this on, my attention was immediately captured by the sexy nature of first track “Something You Got.” This number is provokingly sharp and slyly smooth to the ears. It would be hard to suggest that anything else can top this track on Hot Sauce, but somehow my listening experience only got better from there. I would like to raise a toast to other numbers that have earned my fixated and attentive listening, like the fuzzy and edgy “Too Big For Your Boots,” the fast and jumpy “Crack Me Up” and rocking “Boob Shang.” That being said though, let me emphasize that only listening to these select tracks would rob you, the listener, of an experience worth consistently repeating. Hot Sauce is an album that has no filler, as each track is unique and represents a style of rock ‘n’ roll that actually stands apart from every group with access to a garage. So, be sure to dig Hot Sauce at the earliest possible convenience. But, be sure to order straight from their Bandcamp, as every penny counts and The Madcaps need them to infect the world with a music that needs to be heard and often.

By Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)