Faz Waltz – Callin’ Loud

Artist:faz-waltz Faz Waltz
Album: Callin’ Loud
Label: Contra Records/Longshot Music
Released: May 2016

For fans seeking the freshness of a revival of the 1970s glam that birthed the likes of Slade of the Sweet, you are in for a treat with Italy’s Junkshop stompers, Faz Waltz. Since forming in 2007, each release see’s Faz Waltz continuing to produce a polished and vibrant sound.

It’s music that mixes the gritty aspects of glam rock while injecting itself with the high energy of power pop. Their style contains certain elements that nod toward the simplicity and infectiously poppy nature found with Gary Glitter, but with an overwhelming electrified rocking sensation longing for Jook or Hammersmith Gorillas.

Sure, Faz Waltz’s nostalgic awareness toward an era that sparkles with everything that is glittered and gold is heard here, but it is projected in a way that is crisp and perfect for a new era of rock n’ roll. Raise the volume when playing Callin’ Loud. This is the kind of music one has a riotous bash with.

Listeners ought to be warned that as the needle drops on these grooves involuntary moving and shaking about will occur, along with unified and raucous singing. This will not be a surprise, given Faz Waltz’s unapologetic celebration of all things rock n’ roll, it’s really easy to get behind their anthems.

This is a sound that hooks onto you – an experience particularly found with the single ‘Good Times Is Callin’ Loud.’ Top tracks that must find their way into your psyche are the opening number, ‘Goin’ Crazee,’ ‘Rock ‘n Roll Boy’ and ‘Teenage Youth.’ The dynamic energy in these tracks is essential for any forever youthfully defiant types. With this all being said, I’d be hard-pressed to find something on Callin’ Loud that resembles filler. Be sure to pick it up and go crazy.

—Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)