The Naturals– Hive


Review: The Naturals– Hive

Record Label: Howling Owl Records

Release: November 2015

Okay, I should just get this over with first– I’m not majorly into this kind of music. I struggle to stay interested, as I like energy along with a clear point and drive to a song. I like when there is noticeable passion and meaning. The Naturals’ Hive isn’t quite there for me. All the songs on Hive are long (or at least by my standards). The music is soaked in feedback and reverb that it’s hard to concentrate. I struggled to stay on top of the task at hand, which was to review the record.

So, unfortunately, I couldn’t really do it. As the current wave of nostalgia-drenched nineties psych bands are everywhere, I can’t say that Hive offered anything new. I’ll give anything a listen, and can find merit in most music, but I just didn’t feel it. It’s a shame, as I definitely heard good things about the band.

Lyrics, if there were any at all, were lost to the echo of the previous drawling words. I couldn’t pinpoint one song that suggested the band were into hooks, choruses or bridges– the things that I suppose you could say make a song. Don’t get me wrong, I know a formulaic structure isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to songwriting (my favourite band on earth is Shellac), but it kind of would be nice to have a point of reference. The album does offer endless vowels and power chords the length of full songs. I kept waiting, but I was offered nothing meaty. While listening to Hive, I was like Ron Swanson waiting for beef at a vegetarian restaurant– that level of disappointment. I heard such good things about The Naturals, but that wasn’t what I took away from Hive.

I feel bad writing it, but if I have been tasked with reviewing– and asked to be honest– then no, I’m just not into this at all. (Sorry guys!)

By Frieda Strachan

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