BLANK – Phase Out (Eager Waves Records)


Artist: BLANK

Single: Phase Out

Label: Eager Waves Records

Released: January 2016

BLANK are a guitar duo hailing from Amsterdam. I’d never heard of them, but I like the artwork of their most recent single Phase Out. This single wasn’t like anything I had heard in a long time. It’s over five minutes long, and for once it felt like the band knew what they were doing. Phase Out is a rumbling slow burner, but it builds and builds to… something.  It never rises— it just keeps going, drumming on and on with tinkling guitars and riffs continuing. I’m not sure why I liked it, or what it was about any of it, but I liked it. You know when you hear thunder after you hear lightening? Well, if you put that thunder on loop, very, very low – that is Phase Out. It wasn’t vibrant, but the fact it sounds like nothing else on the go at the moment puts them at the top of my list for bands to keep an eye on.


By Frieda Strachan