Useless Eaters -Singles: 2011-2014 [Slovenly]

a3635026159_10Seth’s punk/post punk rampage has been a staple here in the States for many years now. This compilation is further proof of his amazing song writing and his ability to keep things outside of the box. I got my first taste of it in 2012, when Nightmare Boyzzz toured extensively with Seth’s lineup at the time. I thought they were the best lineup I ever saw of the band.

Mentored by Jay Reatard in his early days, it was only destiny that Seth would make huge waves in the current garage/punk scene not just here in the states, but Europe and abroad. This compilation puts together a series of collectable 7 inches, plus a few demos that were new to my ears. It is imperative that you fire up a little mother earth while listening to Mother Earth. I remember being on tour and we discovered a city called Weed in California. Of course we had to stop and check it out.

You will find yourself playing this one over and over again. Big props to Slovenly for making these hard to find tracks within easy reach.

Take a hit, take a hit.

-Justin Crumpton

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