Madd Blake Y Los Stalins – Primitive


Review: Madd Blake Y Los Stalins – Primitive

Record Label: Krampus Records

Release: September 2015

Oh boy, here comes some dirty stuff. After two singles from Madd Blake Y Los Stalins’ upcoming album Primitive, and I can confirm primitive is right. The Cramps-esque in nature, this sound grew on me right away. It’s rockabilly that is actually good.

I’ll be honest, I hate rockabilly, psychobilly and anything that reminds me of polka-dot dresses or that slicked back hair thing they do with the gel or whatever. Just not into it, unless it’s Guitar Wolf. That band is sick and is a huge part of why I picked up a guitar in the first place. Otherwise, rockabilly is like anti-rock ‘n’ roll. No me gusta.

But, Madd Blake Y Los Stalins is coming from a good place– the place where it all started. My own skepticism is what makes this observation extremely important to point out. These guys are from Puerto Rico, which for many years has had a rich rock ‘n’ roll music scene that includes Davila 666, Los Vigilantes, Las Ardillas, and the like. There is no shortage of rock ‘n’ roll going on in Puerto Rico.

My favorite part about Madd Blake Y Los Stalins really is the drums, which are slow, kind of creepy, but cool. I don’t know how much more simple you could get with it. It sounds almost as if it’s just a tom-tom and maybe a bass drum (I put an emphasis on maybe). “Mi Novia Es Un Zombi” adds some shakers to the mix. I’m pretty sure it’s the same exact chord progression as the first song just sped up a bit with an added solo. It’s the closest thing I’ve heard to The Cramps in a long time and isn’t just a direct rip off. But, then I thought about it. Who did they rip off? Every 1950’s rockabilly song ever? It’s just A, E and B chords all day long. I’m not complaining. (Thank goodness I’m not reviewing a Mac Demarco record or some shit.) It’s just 3 chords, man. Don’t mess with a good recipe.

By Justin Crumpton

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