*Video Premiere* Moron’s Morons – Addicted to Homocide

Moron’s Morons from Warsaw, Poland are back with a new music video for their song, ‘Addicted to Homicide’, from their upcoming LP, Looking for Danger.

The ‘Addicted to Homicide’ video is intended to be a nudge towards snuff films and VHS era bootleg movie releases. Moron’s Morons pull off their intended effect seamlessly – their singer is an excellent performer, who is entirely too believable as a homicidal maniac.

They manage to have a lot of movement within a seemingly confined space, which helps keep the viewer from getting bored. The fast paced nature of the song is perfect, the framing and colours have a nice effect.

I could absolutely see this song as part of a soundtrack for a kitschy vintage horror movie. It’s just cheesy enough to work. Looking for Danger will have heavy nods towards exploitation cinema inspirations, so this is an excellent teaser for the album. The 13-track LP, packed with trashy garage punk, is set to be released on Slovenly Records.

Catch Moron’s Morons on tour in Germany this December.

-Linsey McFadden

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