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Video Premiere ‘Addicted to Homicide’ – Moron’s Morons

Moron’s Morons from Warsaw, Poland are back with a new music video for their song, ‘Addicted to Homicide’, from their upcoming LP, Looking for Danger. The ‘Addicted to Homicide’ video is intended to be a nudge towards snuff films and VHS era bootleg movie releases. Moron’s Morons pull off their intended effect seamlessly – their

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Welcome in the New Year With Heatwave Vol. 3!

Happy holidays to all you Heatwavers out there! Heatwave Vol. 3 has finally been uploaded to issuu.com for all of you that missed out on getting a physical copy! So go on over and read all the great pieces you missed out on. As always, make sure you follow us on Facebook, to make sure

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Heatwave Vol. 2

Hello again, fellow music fans! We’re happy to announce that plans are underway for a paper issue of Heatwave Magazine to be released sometime this summer. While the specifics are still top secret, we can definitely say that we’ve got some amazing ideas and awesome bands in store for you, the reader. This week’s new

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