*Video Premiere* More Kicks – Blame it on the Satellite

More Kicks


15 November 2019


More Kicks is a London-based garage pop trio. The self-titled debut album is out now, co-released by five of the best independent labels around – Dirt Cult, Adrenalin Fix, Wanda, Snap and Beluga. The album will be followed by an extensive European tour in February and April 2020. US dates to follow – stay tuned!

Since forming in late 2017, the band has toured in the UK, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands, playing headline gigs, festivals and club nights with the likes of Buzzcocks, Baby Shakes, Dirty Fences, The Briefs and many more. The two singles up to now (‘It’s A Drag’ and ‘I’m on the Brink’) have received extensive radio airplay across Europe and America.

Cover of the Album by Raissa Pardini75424613_2626785827607700_2153679241403695104_n.jpg

The pages of Heatwave itself described More Kicks as having “An artillery of clever and catchy songs filled with crunchy guitars, hook-laden choruses, perfect vocal harmonies […] I was blown away by how good these songs were.”

About the song released on the video, Singer and guitarist Sulli says: “We were playing in Rotterdam and Amsterdam at Heatwave shows earlier this year and Neus (Heatwave head honcho) kept bugging me that Blame It On The Satellite is the best song we have. I ignored her, of course, because I know everything and that one was just a fun, punchy little tune about jealousy and generally being selfish idiot.

“The more we played it, the more the crowd reaction was noticeably fantastic for that one song. She was right, obviously. I swallowed my stupid pride, we made a video for the price of a Turkish meal in Haringey, North London and I swore to never doubt Heatwave again.”

That being said, this is going to be a hit. Enjoy!!

You can order More Kicks by MORE KICKS from Wanda Records HERE.

For more information visit MORE KICKS on: Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.

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