Heatwave Launch Party 3 – London

Hey Kids! We have a date for the release of our Issue 3 and that is the 4th of September in London! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Dirty Water Records to bring you three amazing Californian punk-rock bands:


APACHE from San Francisco, US

Anyone who cares about rock and roll knows that San Francisco has been a mainstay and hideaway for talent ever since rock and roll started coming here. Countless faces have come and taken a picture for their scrapbooks, but you can count on one hand the bands that showed up, dug their heels into the sand, and dared anyone to make them move from their spot. I could talk about others, but not really. The truth is, the only real rock and roll band that has stuck around The Bay and still matters, is APACHE. If San Francisco is a “revolving door”, then Apache is the group of kids that all hopped in and told the doorman to do something about it, or call the fucking cops. Being a band that smokes their weight in weed and spends more time in the hospital than the studio can take its toll. Apache knows it won’t last forever, but after watching them play, you will quickly realize THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Like musicians on the Titanic, they’re going down, playing to the cold bitter end. Long story short, Apache is the cockroach family in your floorboards. Try and kill them all you want, but honestly you are probably better off moving or setting the building on fire. Sorry, but Apache is too stoned to go anywhere. Whether you like it or not, Apache is THE Bay Area band, and they are here to fucking stay.

+ BTs (formerly known as Big Tits) From California, US

+SLICK!  from Oakland, US

Plus Special guests from London The Ricky C Quartet

They’re loud, they’re fast and they’re dangerous! Its The Ricky C Quartet, bringing a style of classic punk rock n’ roll infused with a heaping dose of antipodean influenced adrenaline! Delivering a snarling energy with pissed-off lyrics and red-hot guitar leads, backed by walking bass lines that’ll get those feet moving.

This is riotous transcontinental garage rock n’ roll played furiously and brilliantly by Joe The Dog, Sam Hall, Jimmy Jones and fronted by the infamous Mr Ricky C. With ex members of Johnny Throttle, The Ten O Sevens and The Blowouts.
Check them out live cause this is a real live show that you won’t wanna miss!

Advance tickets at £6.50 are now on sale from here.

More info in our event page here.

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