Heatwave Launch Party 3 – Amsterdam

Hey Kids! We have a date for the release of our Issue 3 in Amsterdam and that is the 17th of September! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Wap Shoo Wap Bookings to bring you another amazing Californian band:

The Black Mambas


Imagine a bunch of juvenile delinquents from Los Angeles listening to legendary Belgian punk band The Kids on permanent rotation. They spice things up with some of their own unique hot sauce which tastes a bit like Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Boys, Count Bishops, Slaughter and the Dogs etc. Expect punk, rock ‘n roll, r&b all with a hefty dose of suave swagger!

Listen and watch here:

To make sure no drop of sweat is spared, DJ Profundo P is also here to fire up the heaviest, bangenest rock ‘n roll, soul, r&b, punk, garage and glam vinyl he has! Dancefloor scorchers and foot stompers from beginning to end!

All this in your favorite monkey home Pacific Parc on September 17, 2016! The mayhem will start around 23:00 and end around 04:00. Oh yeah, 3 euros is the only damage done to you!

Check the event here!

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