baby strange
(c) Lid Von V

Hi Guys, long time no front page update, right?

Heatwave Issue 2 is officially sold out! The only places to get copies now are from record shops (see our Facebook page for record shops that carry our issues).

We’ve been quite busy over here on our end, with our editorial team moving all around. Our head honcho Neus has relocated to Amsterdam, so good news for you mainland Europeans, you should have more Heatwave fun coming your way!

Now that things are starting to settle down, we’ll be aiming to update the site every Sunday. If you don’t see an update on the main page, don’t let that stop you from checking out our other sections! You can always find at least one new review (usually more) here every week! So go on over to our reviews section and pick yourself out some new spring time jams. We’ve got everything from Mind Spiders to Coke Bust cooking up over there!

-the Editorial team

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