Coming up: Heatwave Launch Party 2 – Amsterdam

Welcome to the Amsterdam Edition, the party to be this Saturday on Amsterdam’s Easter Weekend, 26th of March, at rock-and-roll bests Pacific Parc with a great band to please you and a wild DJ to dance the night away!


Poster by Gonzalo Facio

Johnny Throttle (London, UK)

This is Raw, this is Real, this is Johnny Throttle.

Burping with addictive riffs, catchy chorus and spiky drums, Johnny Throttle heightens your Punk arteries until they’re pumping more blood than you thought you had. Johnny Throttle headlined the last ever Primitive Festival #7 in Rotterdam in 2010, and now they are coming back for more.

“Formed early 2008, Johnny Throttle play real rock’n’roll the way it was meant to be – snotty, moronic and straight to the point.” (Dirty Water Records)

“Experience them live, and their furious twenty-minute sets will have you pogo while swirling a chainsaw above your head!” (

“There are not many bands, really, that I go ‘wow’ about but I’ve caught some good retro bands like (…) Johnny Throttle.” (‘Rudeboy’ star and original Clash-Crew confidante Ray Gange)

DJ Profundo P

From the explosive rock’n’roll band The Anomalys, “acclaimed as ‘national heritage’ by critics-turned-fans”, DJ Profundo P will be your host for the rest of the night.

From Rock’n’Roll, Soul, Rhythm&Blues, 50’s Rockabilly, 60’s Garage to 70’s Punk, be advised that it’s going to be wild and sweaty. Just the way we like it!

In collaboration with Wap Shoo Wap Bookings

-The Heatwave Team

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