Heatwave Vol 4.

10375076_10155701086785324_1015404028133985514_nHello Heatwavers! This update is going to be short and sweet. Right now the Heatwave Crew is busy working towards a very special issue! On July 28th Heatwave Magazine will be releasing our first physical magazine and hosting a party in London featuring THE GORIES. Tickets are limited, so grab one while you still can!

With our crew hard at work on the physical magazine and launch party, we haven’t had much time for web content, but we do have two great pieces for you! Go on over to the features section and check out our article on famous music critic, Lester Bangs or our article on the French Garage Rock band, the Skeptics.

Details on acquiring our physical magazine will be posted on our website after the launch party.

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