Physical Magazine and Launch Party

The Stitches126

Hello Heatwavers!

We haven’t done a sweeping update on the magazine in a while, but we’ve got some good news for those of you not in the know.

We’ve been posting snippets of content here and there since our last big batch of releases, so head over and check out our different sections to see what we’ve been sneaking in when you’re not looking and get yourself ready for Heatwave’s first physical issue! The paper magazine will be available following our launch party with the Gories on July 28th.

This issue contains some really amazing content, hitting on everything from Northern Irish punk rock in the 70’s to the newest sounds of London. If you’re a fan of White Mystery, Dead Moon or the Stitches, this is definitely the issue for you!

Check back here soon for more details about snagging a copy, or even better yet, like us on Facebook!

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