Heatwave Vol. 3

Hey there, guys and dolls! Our wheels over here at Heatwave are churning and we’re finally putting together some solid ideas for our first print issue. We’re working on some special edition pieces that’ll only be available in print, but we’ll be sure to make

Terry Six illustration (c) Gonzalo Facio
Terry Six illustration (c) Gonzalo Facio

them available to readers worldwide!

We’re working in concert with the U.K. based charity, Youth Music, to host a show that’ll bring you guys some sweet tunes and rad reads, while helping to provide a bit of musical know-how to some of the underprivileged youths of Britain.

This week’s content includes a very special interview with Terry Six, an interview with Fumaca Preta and a fresh pile of reviews on albums that are sure to help make your summer rock!

Got a band you think we should be talking about?
Email us!

-the Editorial Team

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