Warthog S/T 2022

Warthog S/T
May 6, 2022
Static Shock Records
Toxic State Records (US)

This year marks 10 years of Warthog and 10 years of Static Shock Records (one of their labels). So, it’s only fitting that we ended up with the fifth Warthog EP in 2022. 

Obviously the second I saw the post on the Static Shock Instagram, I pre-ordered it. There was never any question that I was going to buy this. Come on, it’s Warthog

But luckily for me, Static Shock sent all three tracks over for review, so happy early birthday to me (thanks Tom). 

The three-track EP opens with the single ‘Four Walls,’ followed by ‘Terrestrial Progress’ and ‘Digital Tumor’. At the time of writing, it’s the only one available to the general public. Out of the three, it’s definitely the right choice for a single.

As a band, they’re very consistent in maintaining solid flow and consistency from song to song. Their tracks are always very complementary to each other. The sound is simultaneously hi-fi and lo-fi and the guitars sound both distorted and smooth. So, I’m pretty curious to see how that translates when played live. 

In comparison to previous releases, their production has increased, and it does improve each time. But, I do think the opener is missing some of that iconic Warthog magic of past releases. 

That said, it’s an excellent EP, which I’m going to be listening to a lot in the coming year. Honestly, I’ll probably end up changing my mind after I’ve seen them play these songs live. Because as good as they are recorded, they’re even better live.

Simply put, this EP sounds like Warthog. They’re one of the few modern bands that has managed to define their own unique sound from the same metal and 80s hardcore influences many bands in the scene share. 

Alongside the release of the new EP, they’re celebrating ten years on May 7th, with our boys The Chisel, The Impalers, Flower and Tower 7. Talk about stacked, right? 

Well, with my birthday being May 8th, and having missed the opportunity to celebrate my 30th birthday back in the States (thanks COVID), I obviously decided this was all some grand sign and that I should go to New York for the show. 

But for those of you without my poor impulse control, the digital album goes live on May 6, 2022, with physical copies going out around May 13, 2022. And don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to see them again later in the year, with the band playing shows across the US, Europe and UK. 

-Linsey McFadden

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