Kevin Salk: Punk Rock Photography from the 1980s

Recently we had some amazing photos from the 1980s punk scene fall into our laps, courtesy of photographer Kevin Salk.

Growing up in LA’s South Bay, Kevin was a self-described teenage punk rocker, who was ‘at the right place at the right time.’ In the early 80s, Kevin went to shows with his 35mm Minolta camera in tow, capturing shots of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Misfits, Minor Threat and the Descendents, to name a few.

“I was just a kid who loved the music and the scene and ended up taking some really cool pictures,” Kevin said. “I developed all my photos in my bathroom.”

After decades of storage, Kevin’s photos started really peaking interest in 2020, so he’s begun sharing them with the world.

Kevin has also featured in a different array of documentaries and books such as, Get In The Van: On the road with Black Flag by Henry Rollins, Music that Leaves Stains: A Complete History of The Misfits by James Greene Jr., Filmage: The Story of the Descendents, Jazz v Punk: Hermosa Beach and Punk The Capital- A documentary about the rise of the Washington DC punk under-

Check out Kevin’s photos below and visit his Instagram account and website for more.

Minor Threat
Circle Jerks
Black Flag

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