Habibi Self-Titled

Straight off of Burger Records, this group is a must have for your collection. Think 1960’s girl groups, like the Ronettes, throw in some garage rock with a defining sex-beat and you have Habibi. This debut album is what simple artistic beauty looks like in modern rock n’ roll and it comes complete with plenty of nostalgia for a golden ages of all girls in the garage groups. The whole album is quite simply brilliant, but if you need a tease to get you started, flip on “Far From Right, “Detroit Baby” or “Sin.” This is simply a taste of something sweet and after that, I guarantee you will be begging for more.

This album has been in circulation for a little while now, but this release will stand the test of time as something unique in an overly saturated world. This LP requires your immediate and obedient attention throughout the constant spinning of your record player. Now, don’t go being a fool and pass on this, otherwise you might as well jump off a bridge for there would be no hope for you or your soon to be damned soul. That said, take this advice and go out, buy, order or whatever you have to do to get this record. Then when it is safely in your hands prepare to tune in to these sound waves. You won’t regret it, this is a must and you cannot afford to miss it. So dig these grooves, baby.


Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)

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